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Compress images without losing any quality or resolution with our proprietary AI compression algorithm. Reduce file sizes by up to 90%.

Smart AI Image Compressor

Reduce image file size without any loss in quality

Magical image compression

Using machine learning techniques, we’re able to deploy an algorithm capable of removing pixels within an image that’s not visible to the human eye, the end result is an image that’s visually similar in quality but up to 90% smaller in file size.

Useful AI Tools at your fingertips

Remove background from images

Remove background from images of objects, animals, and humans in one click and download them in high resolution entirely free.

Remove objects from images

Make objects such as people, items, and watermarks simply vanish from your photos like it was never there before.

Compress images without losing quality

Reduce the file size of your images up to 90% smaller with zero loss in visual quality or resolution. It’s like magic.

Compress video files without losing quality

Quickly and efficiently compress your video files while maintaining quality in just a few clicks.

Convert video between various formats

Convert any video to various formats like MP3, MP4, AVI and more. Video conversion has never been easier.

Download online videos

Download videos from YouTube or other online video sites to watch them later, even when you’re offline.